A man dedicatedly committed to a life of devotion and determinedly living his life under one oath:


Unashamed, Jared redefines what it means to be a man living a life of conscious authenticity, vulnerability and openness in a world so fearfully unaccepting of such freedom.

Remaining true to his heart, Jared’s answered his calling. A calling of service forged by the flames of self-discovery, truth and heart-centered alignment. Flames he’s ever so intensely allowed to engulf his soul.

Born in fire, his true essence remains. The insecurity, doubt and fear were necessarily consummated and burned, but amidst the ashes emerged a champion. A truth warrior bathed in light, love at his core and one purpose:


He truly “sees” and truly “hears” the reality of “what is”. And in a world so desperately in need of these gifts, Jared presents a welcome breath of fresh air. He offers aliveness and real freedom, a knowing that any obstacle can be overcome. He passionately demonstrates what truly LIVING unrestricted means, and releases beliefs of confinement or simply merely existing within them.

A man of application, Jared understands simply knowing the truth is not enough. Without solid action of doing, change is impossible. Knowing truth can propel us forward only so far. To bring about actual change and create it, truth MUST be practiced and utilized. The gift he offers is far beyond wisdom. They are tools of action and when dedicatedly followed will implement permanently nourishing life change.

Conscious and aware, Jared walks his talk. He’s a person unapologetically living fully in the “YES I CAN” in a world saying “No you can’t”.


Jared Ciofalo