Jared’s sessions are incredibly powerful and transformative. By the sessions end, I felt an immense sense of clarity and summoned the courage to take back the reins on my life. I haven’t felt this sure of my life direction in ages! Jared really helped me create a lot of space between myself and my old stories. I now know my old stories and beliefs do not have power over me and will never again strongly influence me again after the techniques Jared illustrated! Thank you Jared for this life changing, transformative experience.  I very highly recommend these sessions to anyone!

Akshaya, India

Jared is amazing! I don’t usually open up to people easily but Jared was so patient and a great listener, I found him really easy to talk to. He is very open and honest and doesn’t sugar coat things, he told me exactly what I needed to hear. With his help, I was able to let go of past issues and able to realize all the limits I’ve put on myself were all in my head. After the session, I genuinely felt better and happier like I had gotten everything off my chest and even got a physically noticeable sparkle back in my eyes! Thank you so much Jared for sharing your amazing gift, I will definitely book another session soon!


Carly, UK

Jared’s energy is wonderful and I felt at very much at ease in his presence. The session was incredible and the alignment was absolutely perfect for how I truly felt before, which was lost and confused about my direction. It was like he was reading me straight from my own heart, and I believe he was. It was amazing! I feel a spark has been re-ignited within me. I remember exactly who and what I am, and am feeling extremely confident and trust what the future holds for me. Thanks Jared for such a wonderful experience. I would highly recommended his sessions to anyone looking for confirmation and guidance in their life. Because like a beautiful Phoenix, I’ve risen up!

Amanda, UK

My session with Jared was much more than I could have ever imagined. I felt he reached and spoke to an area of my heart I believed was once only accessible by me. He quickly and easily dismissed all my “BUTS” and “DON’T KNOW HOWS”, and gave me the guidance needed. Because of this session, I realize and found my true voice and feel I can finally speak from my soul without fear. Thank You Jared, I feel free!!!





Trish, USA

Thank you for the love and light you give so openly Jared and for the depths of your wisdom. I have now had 3 sessions with Jared. He is an inspiration to me. For months I had been thinking about some goals I wanted to attain. I really felt sharing these goals with someone like Jared would help jumpstart the process.  Jared is more than just another healer, he will also make you feel like his friend and confidante. If you are attempting to accomplish difficult tasks, change unhealthy patterns, or just want someone by your side to help you help yourself take that next step in your personal life or career, Jared is your guy. HE IS THE BEST!!!!

Kat, Poland

I am so glad I booked a session with Jared, and I’ve recently signed myself up for 2 more! The past 6 months, I had gone through an interesting time in my life, where I felt very restless; like I wanted a change of direction – to shift gears and really make a difference in the lives of people around me. I wasn’t really sure what that looked like, but knew it was coming from my heart and I definitely needed to listen to it. I followed Jared’s amazing written pieces on Facebook with Soultrekker. I figured I would give his sessions a try since he appeared down to earth and very comfortable with discussing the deeper side of life and the feelings that come with it. I boy am I so glad I did I booked a session! Jared was all that I anticipated and far more! He was extremely easy to talk to and is incredibly intuitive. I didn’t even need to go through my entire story. Just a brief synopsis and he picked up the ball and ran with it in the right direction. I was able to ask any and all of my questions and he was very generous with his time. I came away from the session feeling refreshed, energized and with a strong sense of clarity and inner peace. I feel like I have an idea of my next step and it doesn’t scare the crap out of me to take it. I am excited about the changes my life is going through and I cannot thank Jared enough for listening and guiding me after I have been feeling so lost for so long. If you are considering booking with Jared, I highly encourage you to do it. Please don’t remain stuck in the fog when there is someone out there who can help guide you through it to clarity. And don’t be nervous about talking to a “stranger” about some very personal things…you are in control of how much you share and after a very short amount of time Jared will seem more like a trusted friend who you want to open up to anyways.

Brian, USA

This was my first session ever with what I would call a “spiritual healer”. Jared calls himself SoulTrekker, but really he did start the beginning processes of me healing my spirit. I was oddly excitedly about booking a session with him, because anyone who knows me well knows I don’t like opening up and getting emotional, but his session was so comfortable. After the emotional year I’ve had, I really had a lot of feelings I needed to let go of, and he helped me free my mind. After the session, my eyes were wider and brighter, I felt physically taller like I had shed weight, and I suppose I had, emotional weight. I have been consciously using the tools I’ve learnt from his session. I’m not forgetting the past, but for the first time being able to look at it for what it was and move forward! I’m no longer feeling stuck. Living in the moment is so much more beautiful! Thank you Jared!

Nicole, Canada

Jared has an amazing open heartedness about him that makes you feel at ease in his company. I instantly was able to let my guard and walls down. He welcomes you with warmth; and his empathetic wisdom shines so brightly you cannot help but to feel inclined to cut all ties to the emotional bulls$#@# weighing you down. The session with Jared began like other energetic healing sessions I’ve had: explanation of his “technique”, his “touchpoints” and the emotions that may arise. He warned me of possible tears and tantrums, but I felt supported the entire time. I knew I could trust him, and undoubtedly he shared loving encouragement pushing me through the depths of my emotional turmoil. The session lasted a bit over an hour, touching on key points ranging from surface pain to some deeply rooted belief’s I’ve held onto for YEARS! He helped me understand my issues, and ensured I had the strength to tackle them head on. He helped me find strength amongst my weakness. He helped me become aware of tension I was holding in my body. He helped me strip away layers of hardness and regrouped with a gentler, softer version of myself. Most importantly, he helped me feel accountable for my life and empowered me to reclaim it. The changes I noted during and after our session were amazing. I felt lighter, happier, softer, empowered and refreshed – and I even had the sparkle back in my eyes!! After just one session, I felt courageous again and from this, I know I can face the demons holding me back, and charge towards a positive, love filled future. Thank-You Jared, keep sharing your gift!



Monique, USA

I had the pleasure of experiencing two wonderful sessions with Jared. They were very refreshing and quite different from any other healing session I’ve ever had so far, and I’ve experienced many. The main difference is that he has the ability to look deeply into your heart and clarify for you what’s going on within your universe, and then follows that up by guiding you gently back down to earth, leaving you feeling sure about the next steps you need to take in your life. I feel this is often overlooked when I’ve received guidance in other healing sessions. In Jared’s sessions you will receive deep spiritual knowing about who you are and what your place is in this experience, in your body on this planet, and right NOW. This is such a gift Jared is sharing, and so very important now in these confusing times. He will shake your mind back into sanity and the present moment, and leaving you with a different perception and feeling of living in a better world than before. Thank you so much Jared for your patience, love, for your faith in everybody, and for taking such a great part in healing the world!

Corrinna, Austria

Jared creates a sacred space allowing you to become intimate with yourself. A safe space like this made me feel like I could open to my own presence after what felt like a week of turmoil that led me into a feeling of dissociation. As a fellow healer, I was reminded that we too need other healers to hold space for us in dark times so we can continue to serve others. I was ready to call it quits in service, motherhood, and in life when I felt I manifested this wonderful eye-opening session with SoulTrekker. He reminded me about who I am, why I am here to give and provided the clarity for me to keep going forward. Even when we follow our hearts, sometimes we still need encouragement from time to time. Thank you, Jared for reminding me the inner peace that resides within me.

JLynn, USA

Thank you Jared for the beautiful session. It is a blessing you’ve chosen to exercise these gifts and I am so thankful for your loving generosity. If anyone is still on the fence about scheduling an appointment—I cannot emphasize enough that his sessions are nothing short of amazing!! If you’re feeling due for a life reset, Jared is your guy. I felt nervous right before our session, but for some reason Jared’s candor and demeanor quickly relaxed me at the beginning of our session. He is very giving and I felt so much more in tune and clear on the steps I need to take next in my life. Don’t hesitate if you’re thinking of making an appointment, in fact I’ve just booked another! Allow Jared to help you help yourself get in touch with your heart, it’s worth far more than every penny spent and so much more!

Marissa, USA

I laughed and I cried! Jared is a beautiful soul whose honesty and openness allowed me to feel comfortable in opening up to him. Time in our session flew by, and all the while I felt like I was talking with an old friend. Sometimes we need someone outside ourselves to lead us back home to ourselves. That’s exactly what Jared did for me. Jared reminded me I already have all the answers and by walking through my fear, I would be able to trust myself again. We are always creating ourselves over and over and I thoroughly enjoyed conversing with someone who had been on a similar path. Jared will encourage you to follow your dreams and all the while instills a sense of self in us that we all so importantly need in order to continue growing. Thank you Jared, Namaste.

Lynn, USA

In my intuitive session with Jared, he quickly took all my excuses and kindly showed them to the door. He reminded me I always have a choice to move on from my fears. Here is just a few of the nuggets I took with me and have since applied in a variety of situations:
Question my thoughts.
Stop believing the lies I tell myself (lies meaning anything that disputes who I am at my core, Power and love.)
Remember I am power at my core and to trust my heart.
When I follow my heart, it’s not for my personal gain; it’s for the greater good of every person involved in my life.

He held space lovingly but also wasn’t afraid to jump right in and call me out on my BS, and I really value that about him. If accelerating your journey further into self-love sounds appealing, then book a session with him and see the results yourself.

Lori, USA

What an amazing experience a session with Jared is! I felt welcomed and safe when he created a sacred space, allowing me to open up and receive this helpful guidance. I highly recommend these sessions to anyone looking for intuitive guidance based in pure and unbiased truth. I truly felt I had a hand to hold, a shoulder to cry on and a listening ear to talk too, and all absolutely without any feeling of judgment. He opened my perception up to a whole new way of seeing a life chocked full to the brim with fulfillment, purpose and support. I really feel there’s no limit on how many sessions you could have with him because with each one you’ll dive even deeper. I am forever learning and I thank you Jared for showing me so much more.


Jared being able to empathize with people’s struggles and issues has given him an amazing gift and ability to understand and be compassionate. He has influenced me greatly and I am very grateful to have connected with him both online and now in two of his sessions.

Riya, Canada

My session with Jared was the best GIFT I’ve gives myself in a long time! He is AMAZING! During the session it felt as if a big ROCK was removed from my heart. My heart was left feeling open and exposed, and felt lighter at the same time. I can’t explain it, but I feel different. Something in me has shifted. Again, Jared and his gifts are amazing!! Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world Jared!

Mayeli, Venezuela

Jared is a wonderful person inside and out. He was very easy to open up to and made me feel very comfortable telling him about my past. He is a great listener and had many relatable stories to share. He helped me acknowledge a lot of things I had been avoiding and pushing to the back of my mind. I would definitely recommend him to any of my friends seeking personal guidance.

Brooke, USA

Jared Thank you for such positive confirmations I am listening to my heart. Thank you for the clarity you provided me on my journey. Thank you for your sensitivity to feel into and open up the heart by sharing your beautiful gift of listening to truth and connecting us all to our hearts. I am so grateful for the easygoing and relaxed nature of our session, yet in awe of the in depth connection that was created in such a short time, so much so that I found it difficult to get up after the session. I was still captivated by the space he created. The confidence and knowing from which you spoke was reassuring and sang true to my heart. All I need to do now is take that first step, and I’m so excited to do so! Thank you Jared, so much love.

Samantha, Australia

Jared is a gifted intuitive who has truly helped me on my path. He held an unconditional presence for me, motivating me to feel all my emotions and face my fears. He also influenced me to start doing some body movement and meditate more. Thank you for your help Jared. I am looking forward to working with you more. I recommend Jared’s sessions you all.

Mariana, Canada

Jared has a depth of personal experience and insight to share. He is in tune with the path of development and knows better than anyone else about the power of transformation. He will tell you things that you may not be ready to hear, but it’s from a place of love and standing in the truth that he sees in your situations.

Jessica, USA

Jared was the easiest person to open up to, it was like word vomit when I started speaking, and he just sat there listening intently. He gave me a new perspective on things I feel I wouldn’t otherwise have realized on my own. This session was such an eye opening experience that it literally left me speechless by the end of the session. Jared has a sense of calm that surrounds him, and after the session I did feel a lot more calmer, happier and I felt like my eyes had been opened up to the world in a completely different way than I’ve ever seen. Have to thank Jared for the peace of mind I received. Best session ever and highly recommended!



Deb, Australia

Jared is friendly, down to earth and funny. He has walked his talk, which is important to me. Because of this, you naturally open up to him very easily and feel safe and comfortable to be real and vulnerable. If you are looking for an authentic, caring guidance that makes you feel supported with someone who genuinely cares for your well-being, check Jared out!

Erin, Australia

Jared is sincere, supportive and surprising with his intuitive work. He said “I’m not here to make you feel good” … Sometimes the sharp truth can sting, but it’s what yields the deepest growth and transformation. If you’re ready to be seen at your core and be guided to see the light in yourself, work with Jared. He has a gift of empowerment and offers sharp clarity to your journey, your next step and your overall patterns that may not be serving you. He reinforces inside of you what you know to be your deepest truth and genuinely cares about his clients and the power of this work transmitting through him.

Devon, USA

Jared has a gift. This gift he is offering both to you and to the universe. His gift is highly intuitive and discerning. Jared has the ability hear and heal. But in order to hear one must first listen. It is an action to listen but even more powerful to hear. Do you want to speak?…so you can move into healing and moving away from unhealthy patterns in your life? So let him listen, let him hear. I was drawn to Jared to seek out a session with him not knowing why…he listens and he hears…and now my healing begins. I encourage you also to book a session. Thank you Jared. Namaste.

Heather, USA

I felt called to have a session with Jared based on the sense of peace and honesty. During the session, he helped me uncover and acknowledge the truth I sometimes doubt. We discussed some old patterns I had been holding on to and needed to release. He also helped me find clarity around the next steps I need to take on my path. I feel empowered after our session and highly recommend him to anyone seeking support and guidance.

Diana, USA