A Two Month Program Designed to Permanently Shift Your Reality


If you could climb out of the hole and into the LIFE you’ve always envisioned LIVING within 8 weeks, would you do it?

This program is the real deal. It isn’t a “quick fix” or a temporary “high” of motivation quickly fading away into the background when it’s finished. This program offers you REAL LASTING CHANGE.

Start The Journey


Two months designed to permanently shift your reality.

Weed limitation out straight from its core and deeply excavate the roots of whatever’s blocking. you. Remove barriers from your life for good.

Real, long-lasting changes are within reach of your fingertips. What are you waiting for? The time of manifestation is NOW.

The catch?

There isn’t one…but there are two requirements:

– Personal Commitment.

– Personal responsibility and holding oneself accountable for doing the deep transformational inner work

Are you consciously ready to release what no longer works, feels heavy and blocks you from truly experiencing greatness, love, joy, happiness, abundance and purpose in your life?

Are you finally ready to surrender and stop fighting life?

NOW is the time.

See the TRUTH and START living.


TRUTH to LIVE offers real tools to assist you in navigating with freedom and ease in the real world.

From experience, simply reading books isn’t enough and switching zip codes won’t matter, because wherever you go…there YOU and your ISSUES are. Changing partners? That’s not solution either, because you are simply carrying the excess baggage from your last relationship into the next..

Live Now!



TRUTH to LIVE was the program my soul was seeking 6 years ago in the midst of my searching for a “quick fix” and the instant solution to all my problems. There were so many times where I felt crucial aspects of my life were flat out just NOT WORKING. I thought I was doing “everything right”, but could never achieve the desired results I sought for within myself: greatness, love, joy, happiness, abundance and purpose.

I read countless books, took incredible classes, attended amazing workshops and retreats, watched numerous inspirational videos and sought advice from many influential guides and spiritual counselors. I was on the search for my guru, or a high of motivation that would sweep me away into the quick fix solution that could instantly resolve all my problems….but something was always missing. My mind, body and spirit felt disconnected. Something was deeply wrong because continuously I experienced a sensation of “lack” no matter how much I externally possessed in my life. There was never enough because the void I felt was within me. I felt of little worth and had no sense of my life’s own value. The more intensely I resisted these feelings, the more messy my life became.

Then I discovered this TRUTH I was searching for was already within me. I remembered who I AM, and from that moment onwards I chose to LIVE.


An 8 week program custom tailored and modifiable in design to fit each client’s unique, individual journey….

What You Receive:


– Intuitive Guidance
– Practical Exercises
– Insights & Challenges

Each aspect of the program is designed specifically to assist you in discovering the truth within yourself and about who you really are using the practice of self-awareness.

You will receive constant support and encouragement for loving yourself regardless of the place you are at in your life, and attain the priceless knowledge of knowing you are capable of being with any emotion that arises, regardless of its discomfort.

Real, lasting changes are never made with quick fixes and temporary highs of motivation. Real changes are only made by consciously applying what’s leaned through direct action.

As The SoulTrekker,  I’ll be your guide leading you along a fantastic journey of inner exploration where you will finally meet your true, authentic Self. Reclaiming who you were before all the fear, doubt, negative beliefs, thoughts and patterns of worry impeded down upon your mind. Together we will weed out the UNtrue and replace it with the TRUE.

This is not just another program churning out the commercialized theories, tools and rehashed self help stuff you can buy anywhere. This program is based off REAL EXPERIENCE, personalized to you and fitted with attentive compassion and support. You will feel SEEN and can be HEARD.

TRUTH to LIVE is about remembering the truth, then taking truth out by trying it on and really feeling into what the truth feels like and then putting the truth into action. It is about creating the ability within yourself to access truth anytime, anywhere and with whatever’s happening in your life. The changes you’ll experience are so long-lasting and permanent, I guarantee that even in 5-10+ years and beyond you will still be accessing all the valuable content you’ve learned in this program.

Are you tired of getting ready only just to get ready again?

Are you finished with putting off the most important thing in your life, YOU?

Are you ready to start choosing life and choose the truth?


There is no better time than NOW.

The life you have always wanted to live is waiting and TRUTH to LIVE is available to YOU NOW.

All Are Welcome

I have worked with clients worldwide and from many different cultures and backgrounds. Distance and borders do not define us and we all share this beautiful thing together called “humanity”.

We all share the same basic needs, wants and desires. We crave personal definitions of success, financial abundance, happiness, love and the inspirational visions of what the best versions of ourselves would look like, and at the core of it all is the humanness we all share.

The ideal life we wish to create requires us to remember the highest version of ourselves, and that version is usually buried beneath layers upon layers of past traumas and fear. Rediscovering this highest version of ourselves is hard work and many don’t want to commit to doing what it takes…

I believe you do can do what it takes.

TRUTH to LIVE is for those READY TO:

– Stop talking about their dreams and actually live them.
– Experience true and authentic freedom with ease.
– Stop feeling stuck or lost, and turn their breakdowns into BREAKTHROUGHS and smash through any barrier stopping them from reaching the next level.
– Create meaningful, joy filled lives despite whatever circumstances they’re facing now.
– Discover who they REALLY are, and express it fully and authentically, and with the self-empowered confidence and willingness to carry forward with whatever’s needed.


– 2 Modules (30 Days Each)
– 12 Themes (6 per month)
– 1 Weekly Video Lesson
– Up to 5 Daily Lessons Based on the Themes of the Week (depending on the clients needs)
– Weekly Accountability
– Private Facebook Group
– Priority Message Response within 24 hours

* All lessons can be completed at your own pace

Module 1: Mind & Body

– Getting Clear About Where You’re At in Life
– Tools and Practices For Going Deeper Within
– Witnessing Self + Playing with this Reality
– Integrity + Intention
– Emotional Body
– Core Desires + Clearing Blockages
– Physical Body: Health + Physiology

Module 2: SoulTrekking
– Your Soul Signature
– Creating Your Soul’s Mission + Purpose
– Vision: What Will You Create?
– Gratitude + Contribution

* This is a custom tailored program. Every lesson is subject to change depending on each individual clients specific needs.

What is the result of this program?


Discovery of TRUTH.

Perception SHIFT.



How Will You Feel in the Program?


First Day: Possibly you’re feeling restless, lost, stuck, indecisive and lack passion. You may be unclear about where to go next and where life may be taking you.

30 Days in: You are beginning to feel quite clear about who you REALLY are and what blocks you from YOU. You realize your potential and feel like the empowered creator of your life that you are. You notice that breakdowns are transformable into beautiful BREAKTHROUGHS. And once again you are able to walk around, head high and you KNOW who you really are because you understand now that love of Self is the greatest love and you can clear away any obstacle keeping you back from this love. You are developing self awareness and realizing your own integrity and value, and it’s making you feel a sense of completeness, confidence and wholeness.

After 60 Days: You are committed to a bigger vision. You have found a life mission that inspires you to take action. You create your own reality with the same ease that an artist creates a painting. You feel the sensation of fullness and feel FULL of LOVE. Fear, doubt and worry no longer dominate your life and have become nothing more than simple, passive thoughts. You realize YOUR LIFE MATTERS and you notice signs of this truth manifesting around you. Life feels
more balanced and at ease, and you move through life with graceful acceptance. You have something to offer now. You love the world intensely and notice how the world is loving you back equally with the same intensity.

Quit living in the “What could have been”, and throw the “should haves” and “would haves” out of your vocabulary. It’s time to take ACTION and INVEST in YOU. YOU ARE WORTHY, and it’s time for you to believe it.


Apply now for your spot in the TRUTH to LIVE program and climb out of the hole today.